Monday, November 16, 2015

7 Minute Ab Cruncher

There’s something in today’s email that is totally different from anything that any other fitness expert will ever send you. I apologize if you don’t like it, but it’s a matter that is near and dear to my heart. It’s about helping a really close friend of mine, and I hope that it will help you, too, because I care about more than just your weight loss.

But first, we will keep with tradition and give you an awesome short, burst Monday morning workout so that you start the week right. I call it the Ab Cruncher workout, even though you won’t do any crunches (we never do those because they are bad for your neck and low back).

These exercises work your abs harder than crunches and help you burn a LOT more belly fat at the same time. You’ll change your body faster in 7 minutes than you could with 7,000 crunches.

Use this circuit to boost your metabolism and lose inches when combined with Shaun’s eating plan that you started yesterday. Here’s how you’ll do it:

7-Minute Ab Cruncher Workout

1) Dumbbell (DB) Split Squat or 1-Leg Hip Extension – 40 seconds per side, 20 seconds rest per side
2) Elevated Pushups or Kneeling Elevated Pushups – 20 sec/side, 20 sec rest
3) Goblet Squat or Bodyweight Squat – 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds
4) Burpees or Mountain Climbers – 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds
5) DB 1-Arm Row – 40 sec/side, 20 sec rest/side

That’s it. Enjoy your results and all the time you'll save compared to traditional cardio and abs.

Get more scientifically proven, Dr. created ab workouts like this in this video

Now for something completely different…

I want you to do me - and the world - a favor this week. I want you to build others UP because it will only make you more successful.

Even if you don't have social support, take charge as the leader. Live by example. Be confident in your choices. People will respect your decisions, even if it seems that they don't at first. But trust me, eventually, a lot of people will come to you for advice and support. You are the one making the right decision. Never forget that.

With that in mind, here’s a plan that will help build YOU up. I originally sent this to a friend of mine that is going through some tough times. It will help every TT reader.

The 7-Step Mood and Motivation Kick-Start Guide

1) Start your day with a One Minute Meditation (take 6 breaths with a 4-second inhale and 6-second exhale)
2) Read one page from my favorite book The Art of Living, by Sharon LeBelle
3) Walk outside in the sunshine for 20 minutes
4) Hug and kiss your spouse/significant other and tell them you love them
5) Write in your ETR gratitude journal – it takes just 5 minutes a day and will put a BIG smile on your face
6) Hug and kiss your kids (or pet!) and take a photo of them or with them every day
7) Reach out to a different friend every day. There are many folks that love you and care about you. Stay connected. Find a way to help them, too, and you will find yourself getting stronger. If you want, send me a message on the TT Facebook page. I love connecting with all of my readers. Let me be the support you need.

Sound good?

Great, the checklist is already working!

Stay Strong and Keep Pushing On,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS - Have an awesome week!

Positive social support is a key to success, and removing the negative influences in your life is just as important. This may be painful. You might not want to give up hanging out with lazy friends that eat junk and drink booze all the time, but if it is killing you and making you broke, unhealthy, and unhappy, then it MUST stop. Same with work friends. If all they do is sit round and complain, then you must remove yourself from that environment whenever possible. Cut the cord quickly. Stay strong and seek out positive people if you want to make big changes in your life.

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7 important minute for a awesome tummy. Following this in my schedule from today, need to loose my tires.