Friday, October 02, 2015

45 reasons to eat more great food

It's the most... wonderful... time... of... the... year!

For getting FAT. LOL.

Yep, it's the holiday season, where ol' Bally and I get ready to pack on a few extra pounds under our fur (being furry helps us hide those pounds, haha).

But you do NOT have to make the same mistake that we make.

You CAN still eat delicious holiday favorites and lose WEIGHT between now and Christmas.


With my friend Chef Gui's brand new Holiday Recipes cookbook.

I'll let him explain. He wrote you this special email below...


Chef Gui here.

The holidays are coming up shortly. It's my favorite time of year.

I love being woken up at 4am on Christmas morning by my 5 children who want to open the presents that Santa has left for them. I'm serious, I love it!

But most of all, I love getting to cook the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners!

While most people put on a few pounds over the holiday season, I don't.

That's because I have a toolbox: my 45 specially-designed Eat More, Burn More holiday recipes!

Since the holidays are coming up, I decided to give these recipes to you, so that you can eat all your favorite foods this year AND lose weight at the same time.

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I've been getting a number of questions about the Eat More, Burn More holiday recipes so I decided I'd answer them all in this email.

Here we go! (or as we say in France, "Allonz-y!")

Question: Who are these holiday recipes for?

These recipes are for one group of people only: People who want to lose weight this holiday season while eating all of their favorite foods.

If you'd rather starve yourself skinny and punish yourself by not eating the foods you most want to eat… this isn't for you.

I laugh at the "fitness experts" who tell you that you can't eat the foods you enjoy, even during the holidays. How ridiculous!

I understand you're not a robot. I know you're going to want to eat turkey, gravy, pumpkin pie, and cookies.

And you can with my 45 special recipes!

I'll show you how to eat all your favorite holiday foods this year and lose weight while most people are putting on the pounds.

Q: What makes the Holiday recipe Cookbook different from any other "cookbook"?

There are lots of great cookbooks out there.

However, none of them shows you how to eat your favorite foods WHILE you lose weight.

At best, they'll show you how to make healthy food that tastes like (expensive) cardboard...

I'm French and I have higher standards than that!

Not only are all 45 of the recipes insanely healthy, they also taste AMAZING. Melt in your mouth good.

Q: What do I get when I buy the Eat More, Burn More holiday recipes?


You'll get immediate access to the cookbook and the 45 recipes that it contains. You'll receive:

  • 33 Recipes you can eat to kickstart your metabolism morning, noon and night.
  • 12 gourmet fat burning superfood smoothies to help you DETOX (and give you an energy boost after a late night Christmas party or after an exhausting day looking after your kids)
  • And most importantly... entrees, side dishes, desserts, smoothies and recipes that allow you to OVEREAT your favorite foods this holiday season while burning fat and losing weight.
Q: So How Do You Get Started?


That's the EASIEST part.

All you have to do is click the link below and just a few moments later you can cook yourself something yummy using the recipes.

I'll welcome you with everything I mentioned above and then you'll be off to the races! You'll be able to eat all of your favorite foods GUILT FREE over the holidays and lose weight while most people are packing on the pounds.

It's that simple.

Arrow pink  Get Instant Access to the Eat More Burn More Holiday Cookbook

This is the perfect time to take action.

Q: And you PROMISE this will work?


Yes, I promise.

When I was a young chef in France, I studied under a famous pastry chef.

He taught me the secret to designing meals that tasted AMAZING and helped you to burn fat.

This secret is used in every recipe in the cookbook. I've used the secret for decades to great success and it's the reason that I'm so often hired to cook for the rich and famous in South Florida.

Just because you've never been able to avoid putting on a few pounds over the holidays before, doesn't mean you can't do it now.

It wasn't your fault in the past. You didn't have access to a specially designed holiday cookbook like you have now.

When you use the recipes included in the Eat More, Burn More Holiday Cookbook, you'll finally have everything you need to make permanent changes. And that's why we stand behind our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

There is NO risk for you to get started or to even cook anything.

If you aren't convinced you received 100 times the value of your small investment... then please email us for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

So please take advantage of this opportunity and let me take ALL of the risk off your shoulders and put it my own.

It's up to me to deliver, and I know my cookbook will do just that. This is how much I believe in this program.

I know that answers all of your questions, but if I missed anything, just reply to this email and let me know.

Don't let this opportunity slip you by. Your time is NOW. Your solution is here. Your coach is waiting. And your fat loss results are just days away.

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Bon appetit,

Chef Gui Alinat, CEC
Executive Chef
Author, The Chef's Repertoire & Eat More Burn More

PS - Take action today!

Don't let this holiday season be the same as last year.

Make this the year where you are finally going to lose weight, even over the holiday season.

You don't even have to give anything up. You still get to eat all of your favorite foods!

So take action today, and make this the best holidays yet

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