Wednesday, November 28, 2018

From Thanksgiving in California to Christmas in Denver

I was really tired on my first morning back to California from Australia, but had a nap at lunchtime and then I've been good since. 

On Thursday, aka American Thanksgiving, I went over to visit my friend Bedros Keuilian and the 15 others he had at his house for steaks and all the sides. Funny story, they had Mac'n'Cheese, a Thanksgiving staple for many, but they Bedros and his wife, the Recipe Hacker, Diana Keuilian, did NOT make it.

They bought it from El Pollo Loco, a local roast chicken place. :) 


The day was great and then I got back to work on Friday with a big sale on my new Instagram Course and lots of coaching over the weekend. 

I did lots of great workouts:

Thanksgiving - Deadlift
Friday - Bench Press
Saturday - Tire Flipping
Sunday - Squats 
Monday - Rows
Tuesday - Arms
Wednesday - Squats

This week I was in a recording studio finishing up my Unstoppable book. I have a big launch planned for January 21st for this new book. :)

Later today I fly to Denver for our annual Toys for Tots seminar, shopping, and Christmas party with 100 of our entrepreneur friends. This is our 7th year doing this and we've probably bought close to $1,000,000 in toys. WOW.

For training, tomorrow will probably be an off day, and then Friday I will bench press. Saturday will be an upper body workouts after shopping but before the Christmas party with Mr. and Mrs. Clause. 

Sunday I fly back to California. 

Then it's one more week in the sun before I go home for Christmas! 


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