Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ManUp Day!

Big day in my world. Kind of.

My friend Bedros Keuilian just released his new book, ManUp.

I hope you grab a copy... its a killer story combined with great leadership lessons.

Bedros and I lift together all the time.

He trains like a Meathead, and never does a warm-up, but sometimes I join him.

We had an epic workout earlier this year of:


DB Row

Hammer Strength Rows


Not a lot of supersets, just "he goes, I go".

 And I managed not to get hurt.

Guess I was able to ManUp for that one!

Anyways, grab a copy of his book... I even get a shout out in it.

You get a really cool bonus course when get ManUp here

Today was an off day for me here, but hopefully I will deadlift tomorrow.

Off to dinner,


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