Tuesday, March 26, 2013

242 Calorie Afterburn

I can't remember the last time I ate a Mars chocolate bar (I'd rather have peanut M&Ms), but I can tell you this. Each Mars bar contains 242 calories.
Amazingly, that's exactly how many calories your body burns in the 24-hours following a high-intensity interval training workout (Afterburn!).

(According to a study from Colorado State University, and reported in the latest Men's Health magazine.)
Once again, the power of intense training is proven by science. 
But...according to Mikey "Finishers" Whitfield, there's still one more way to improve your workout...a way to get faster fat burning results than traditional interval training. 
It involves "Finishers 2.0". A new and improved way of doing short, burst Workout Finishers at the end of a regular workout to boost fat burning. He calls this unique system, "Metabolic Stacking" because adds calorie burn upon calorie burn to top out your maximal fat burning response.
Nothing works better than this system.
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This new system - and the incredible caloric afterburn that you get from intense training - is really incredible stuff.
But you know what's not impressive? This stat about marathon running. According to the most recent Oxygen magazine (yep, I buy and read them all!), running a marathon ONLY burns 2200 calories.
Yikes! All that pain (4 hours plus) for NO gain.
Sure you burn a lot of calories during the race, but slow cardio gives you little in the way of afterburn, and most people spend days and days (if not weeks) icing their knees and low back after a marathon, missing out on productive workouts.
You're much better off with this approach:
Metabolic Resistance Training (20 minutes) = 300-400 calories burned
Workout Finishers (with new Metabolic Stacking) = 100-150 calories burned
Afterburn = 242 calories
Total = 642 to 792 calories with a 30 minute workout and 24 hour Afterburn
Do that 3-4 times per week, and you're burning more calories than a marathon...and looking leaner and sexier too, without the overuse injuries.
That's what it's all about, and why Mikey Whitfield is giving you 51 workouts that are 100x's better than cardio.
Stack your metabolic burn today,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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Now I'm off to read the latest Men's Fitness to find more great workout tips for you...

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