Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rapid Fat Loss Time Machine

When someone asks me for the best machine for rapid fat loss, I tell them it's a time machine, so that they can go back in time and start their program when they should have in the first place.
Most people don't find that as funny as I do, for some *strange* reason.
But it's true. Besides, all you need is your bodyweight, and maybe a dumbbell or kettlebell and you can whip yourself into shape fast.
=> Use these workouts to lose fat as fast as you can (price doubles tonight)
You can lose fat at a pretty good pace with the right diet and workout, and I promise you'll get that here.
In fact, you'll even get two of my legendary ab workouts when you get the Ab Finishers program today. 
I've thrown in:
TT for Amazing Lower Abs
The TT Abs 1000 Challenge
Get the Abs Finishers and TT bonuses here <= Offer expires at midnight
Don't miss out, because then you'll need a time machine for that too, and I'm already using mine to go back to the future.
Craiggy McFly, CTT
Certified Time Traveler
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Today is the last day to save over $80 on this new program...
...that you can use at home to lose fat and get six pack abs.
No plutonium required.
And get some sweet TT abs bonuses too.
PPS - Lots of "Back to the Future" jokes in there...hope you saw the movie or else you won't get any of this email.

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